OWCP Schedule Awards

One of the most financially important benefits offered to injured employees with a federal workers compensation claim is a Schedule Award. Schedule Awards are available to any federal employee with an accepted OWCP claim and a permanent impairment due to their on-the-job injury.

The process of getting a Schedule Award can be long and arduous. You must first have an accepted claim, reach maximum medical improvement, find a federal doctor that can rate the impairment under the AMA Guides 6th Edition and then submit the claim with a new CA-7.

Sounds easy, right?

If only it was that simple. FedDoctor has a 4 part series about the ins and outs of impairment ratings and federal doctors and how they play important roles in schedule award process. The right physician that has the proper training and understanding of the OWCP and FECA laws is hard to find.

FedDoctor is here to help all federal employees find doctors that are interested in helping injured federal employees with their treatment and claims. Tell your friends and co-workers that there is a place that is here to help them free of charge.


Finding a Federal Doctor is hard

We at FedDoctor.com work hard to find federal doctors that understand the OWCP system. The federal workers compensation system is tricky and complicated from the medical practice perspective.

The government has special requirements when it comes to paperwork, causation, billing and doctors struggle to understanding the need for federal doctors. Even if a doctor wants to help, there is a significant difference in the process of helping federal employees with on the job injuries from treating non federal patients.

In FedDoctor’s newest article, we discuss the reason that FedDoctor doesn’t have a doctor in every city in America. Believe us, we want to! Our goal is to find doctors for every injured federal employee.

Help us find more federal doctors to help others like you. If you are currently seeing or have seen a doctor that has helped you with your federal workers compensation claim, let us know! We want more federal employees around you to get that type of care.

Why does the OWCP want more medical?

The Office of Workers Compensation Programs requires an unusually large amount of compelling medical evidence from your treating physician before the will approve your federal workers compensation claim.

This can be very hard on your doctor. If your treatment facility is not used to working specifically with the OWCP office on causation narratives, you may have a hard time getting your claim accepted.

FedDoctor.com is a portal that allows you to locate local federal doctors that are well versed in the methods and requirements of the OWCP. Visit today and find out how to document your file or find a medical provider near you that understands the federal compensation system.

The more your doctor understands about what the OWCP is looking for with regards to the cause of injury, the better chance you have of having your case approved by the claims examiner at the Department of Labor.

The same goes for monetary benefits like a schedule award. Your doctor may understand the local and state law, but the federal government systems are very different and operate independently. the 6th Edition of the AMA Guidelines is used for all impairment ratings and your must have reached maximum medical improvement before the evaluation is performed.

Having a knowledgeable doctor on your team can be the difference in asserting your claim before the OWCP. Visit FedDoctor.com today to learn more about how you can get the treatment and benefits you are entitled to.

Find a Federal Doctor in California

FedDoctor.com is adding new information and new doctors to its sight and California’s federal employees have certainly benefitted from it! A number of practices throughout both Southern and Northern California are giving the federal community options to receive the type of medical attention they deserve.

Everyone knows that the OWCP can be difficult to work with. Thankfully FedDoctor is here to help. Read more about the west coast expansion and the options and rights you have as a federal employee at FedDoctor.com.

Federal employees are under-serviced and largely ignored by mainstream outlets, but a federal workers compensation claim is difficult enough without having to worry about where to find quality medical care and documentation.

More help in Houston

Dr. Jennifer Johnson-Caldwell and the Texas Wellness and Rehab are now FedDoctors!

Dr. Caldwell, a Board Certified Internist, has been treating federal employees with OWCP claims for years. Texas Wellness and Rehab has in house physical therapy, treatment, a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, and does 6th edition AMA Guides impairment ratings.

This is a one stop shop for an injured federal employee!!

As you know, the OWCP makes it hard on federal employees to get paid the appropriate benefits from the work injury claims. The entire federal workers compensation system is difficult to understand, let alone find a doctor who understands it!

Texas Wellness and Rehab knows what you need to get better and what your claims examiner needs to process your file. Whether it is a causation report, diagnostics, treatment, or an impairment evaluation, make your appointment today and get on the road to your recovery!

Great News for the Pacific Northwest!

FedDoctor has a doctor in Seattle!

Finally, the wait is over for federal employees in the greater Seattle areas. Dr. Dimitri Adarmes is a Board Certified Physiatrist who enjoys working with federal employees and their OWCP injury claims.

Dr. Adarmes understands that the federal workers compensation laws (FECA) are complex and require different documentation than most state law workers compensation. He also knows how much work the OWCP requires him to do!

Dr. Adarmes’ office can help you with diagnosis, treatment, therapy, and evaluations and provide you with the type of reports that you will need to move forward with your federal workers compensation claim. Visit today and schedule your appointment to finally start getting the medical help and documentation that you really need!


Arizona has a FedDoctor!

Phoenix Arizona has some good news! Arizona Injury Medical Associates is the newest FedDoctor! With Board Certified physicians specializing in neurology, internal medicine and physical medicine and rehabilitation, they can help you with your federal workers compensation injury claim from start to finish.

Arizona Injury Medical Associates are ABIME Certified Independent Medical Examiners in the 6th Edition of the AMA Guides. This means they know how to help you with your schedule award impairment rating for the OWCP.

Finding a quality physician in the Phoenix area has always been a difficult endeavor, until now. Many doctors are unaware of the specific requirements of the Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP). Arizona Injury Medical Associates is not one of them! They understand what is required and are passionate about helping you both recover from your injury and receive the benefits that your are entitled to.

This practice can help you with everything involved with your case. From causation reports and treatment to expanding your claim and fighting for that schedule award, now you can finally get the treatment you deserve.

FedDoctor is proud to welcome them aboard. Visit their listing here to learn more about how they can help you on your road to recovery.

Stay tuned to FedDoctor, more good news is on the horizon!

Understanding Causation Reports

Whenever a federal employee is injured on the job, a federal workers compensation claim must be filed if the injured party wants to receive any type of monetary or medical benefits.

A Ca-1 or Ca-2 is usually completed by the applicant and given to the supervisor. This is all standard procedure and something your agency should be able to help you with. However, one thing many people do not understand is the importance of medical documentation at this stage of the claim.

The OWCP is going to make a decision on whether to approve or deny a claim based on the cause of the injury. You may very well have a serious health condition, but if it was not caused on the job, you are not entitled to federal workers compensation benefits.

Many doctors are very interested in treating the injury and defining the diagnosis, however, few understand the federal workers comp system and how their report regarding cause may affect your claim for compensation. A doctor must link, with a degree of medical certainty, the injury itself and the work related cause.

Sometimes, this simply means listening to the federal employee describe the chain of events or work environment. Other times, it means studying the injury and diagnostics and drawing a rational conclusion based on known injury facts and medical evidence. Either way, without this documentation, your claim has little chance of developing into a good experience.

Finding a doctor who understands this type of causation and relationship inside and OWCP claim can be difficult. FedDoctor helps hundreds of federal employees every month find out more about what to expect, or at least look for in a good federal workers compensation doctor.

Remember, the federal system can be confusing, both to you and an inexperienced physician. Use FedDoctor.com to find your new doctor and start getting treated. Fairly.

Federal and Postal Schedule Awards

Schedule Award benefits are calculated based on permanent loss of use to a part of an injured worker’s body. Only a defined number of weeks of compensation is allowable for any injury. The “schedule” itself includes all of the different body parts that are eligible,  and how many weeks of compensation are used for each member.

For example, a lower extremity is valued at a total of 288 weeks of compensation. That does not mean that you are entitled to 288 weeks of compensation if you sustain a lower extremity injury, only that the factor for calculating the award is 288 weeks of compensation.

The basic formula for  calculating an award is:

(% of impairment to body part) x (# number of weeks that body part is scheduled for) x (Compensation rate) = Schedule Award.

All impairment ratings for federal employees must be made using the 6th edition of the AMA Guides to Rating a Permanent Impairment. That is where it can be tricky. If your doctor is unfamiliar with how the federal government, you evaluation can severely alter the outcome of your award payments.

Many physicians know how to calculate impairment when it comes to the local state law, but very few understand the OWCP way of business. The federal workers compensation system is vastly different from most state law and many doctors have no idea about how to help you get the impairment rating that you need. Many states do not even use the same edition as the federal government!

FedDoctor.com is here to help you find a doctor, whether for treatment, or a schedule award evaluation.  Visit today and like our Facebook page. Subscribe to our blogs and continue to learn about how to protect your benefits. OWCP rarely volunteers to help you get what you are entitled to, make sure that your doctor knows how to provide the evidence that you will need for your claim.

All USPS and federal employees!!!

Maryland is home to more federal employees per ca pita than any other state in the country. It is also blessed to have a fantastic medical practice that is statewide who understands how to work with federal employee workers comp.

Maryland Orthopedics has four locations throughout the state with a number of talented orthopedic surgeons, a neurosurgeon, a physiatrist, in-house physical therapy and diagnostics. Maryland Orthopedics has been in business and treating federal employees for over 30 years.

They are capable of helping you deal with the OWCP and even rate your permanent impairment. Remember that a major key to maximizing your schedule award benefit is having a proper evaluation performed and a competent report submitted. Maryland Orthopedics can handle your injury claim from start to finish.

They have four locations throughout the state. From Fredericksburg to Laurel, Ellicott City and Owings Mills, they are here to provide top quality care. We are excited that they are dedicating a portion of their practice to helping federal employees with their OWCP claims.


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