Federal Workers Compensation Recurrence Claims

Federal employees are often faced with the decision about whether to file a recurrence claim for an on the job injury claim.

Understanding what a recurrence is can clear up whether a federal claimant  should use a CA-2a or actually file a new injury claim altogether. First, it is important to know that this is a recurrence, not a re-occurrence. believe it or not, distinguishing the difference in the word itself can lead to better understanding.

A re-occurrence suggests that the same injury occurred again, or better put, the same incident happened and you were re-injured. That would be a new claim and you would have to start over with a traumatic or occupational claim with the OWCP.

A recurrence of injury is when the symptoms continue or recur without a new, intervening factor. This is to help separate the difference between an aggravation of the injury due to exposure or incident and describe a situation where the symptoms simply happen again.

FedDoctor.com has a new article regarding the details and differences between a recurrence claim and a new injury claim. Understanding these differences can help any injured federal employee find a doctor who understands the OWCP system and can help get their claim on track.

Having a federal workers compensation claim denied because the wrong form was filed can be a costly and time-consuming mistake. Understanding the differences can make all the difference.


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