FedDoctor and Unions

When a federal employee gets injured on the job, they often seek advice and assistance from their union. That’s why it’s so important for your union to be familiar with FedDoctor.com and how we can help. Our doctors understand the federal workers compensation process, and they can be crucial in helping injured federal employees get their OWCP claims approved.

So spread the word about FedDoctor.com, especially to your union, so that they can point your injured co-workers in the right direction. For more information on this topic, go to the full article here.


Can I reopen an OWCP Federal Workers Compensation claim after it’s been closed?

The Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP) may close a particular federal workers compensation claim for a variety of reasons, and sometimes this can seem quite unexpected. Furthermore, once a claim has been closed, it can be very difficult to reopen–but not impossible! One way to reopen an OWCP claim is with the assistance of a doctor who understands the federal workers compensation system. Usually, the necessary first step is for your federal workers comp doctor to write a very particular kind of report to the OWCP office, requesting for your claim to be reopened.

And this is how FedDoctor.com may be able to help you! We are constantly seeking to bring on more and more doctors across the nation who understand the federal workers compensation system.

Go to FedDoctor.com now to read a more in-depth article about reopening an OWCP claim that has been closed, and while you’re there, you can also look for federal workers comp doctors in your area!


New Federal Doctors Coming Soon

With Federal Doctors being so hard to find, we might be tempted to put any doctor we could find on our site. The truth is that while we always want to add practices to our website, making sure that they really understand the federal workers compensation system is imperative. We interview all of our doctors so that you can have peace of mind that they are interested in actually treating injured federal employees.

Read this article about FedDoctor and our process of searching for the best federal doctors in the country. We know that as an injured person (especially one that works for the federal government) it is a stressful time. If your doctor doesn’t specifically work with the OWCP and Department of Labor, they may not understand or be willing to work with your claims examiner and the ACS to ensure that you get the treatment and documentation that your claim will need.

FedDoctor can’t make a doctor take federal claimants on as patients, but we do try to find the ones that want to treat federal workers with their on-the-job injuries. OWCP can be so frustrating, but having the right doctor can make all the difference.

FedDoctor has Federal Workers Comp Doctors all over the nation

FedDoctor.com is so proud and happy to serve federal employees all over the country. We bring you information and contact info for doctors that treat federal employees that have been hurt at work.

FedDoctor has members with offices in:

Los Angeles, California, Seattle, Washington, Phoenix, Arizona, and Sacramento California on the West Coast.

Texas is covered in Dallas and Ft. Worth, Austin, Waco, Temple, San Antonio, Westlaco, McAllen, Houston, and more. Oklahoma also has offices in Tulsa and Oklahoma City and even Chicago, Illinois, has a FedDoctor.

Nashville, Tennessee has coverage, along with Orlando and Miami, Florida.

We have a great practice in the Greater Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC areas as well.

There are many more offices that choose to help federal employees get great medical care and attention to their OWCP claims. Visit FedDoctor to learn more about what a federal doctor can do for you and how you can get the treatment and care that you need along with the documentation that your federal workers compensation claims examiner requires.

How can a Federal Workers Compensation Doctor help with the OWCP?

The question has been asked in thousands of ways, but most federal employees that have suffered from an on-the-job injury have the same thoughts running through their heads. Finding a doctor that truly understands the federal workers compensation system is very difficult. The Department of Labor, who runs the Office of Workers Compensation Programs, has its own set of rules about workers compensation law.

Doctors across the nation generally do not study FECA (Federal Employees Compensation Act) and don’t understand how it differs from their own state’s law. FedDoctor.com is here to help you find the ones nearest to you that actually want to help federal employees get care that is covered under the OWCP.

Whether it is to get your claim accepted, get treatment, or get evaluated for continuing lost wage compensation or schedule awards, these doctors understand what it means to be a “federal doctor”. Read this article on FedDoctor’s website about how they can help you during your quest to get compensated for your injury at your federal job.


Find a FedDoctor in Chicago, Illinois!

FedDoctor is pleased to announce that we have a new member in Chicago, Illinois! Dr. Harold Pye treats federal employees from all federal agencies. As the Medical Director for Disability and Impairment Advocates, he has been involved with federal employee health care and treating federal workers compensation claimants for years.

Visit his listing on FedDoctor and make your appointment to start getting the care and documentation that you will need for your federal workers compensation claims now. We know that finding a good federal or OWCP doctor can be very difficult and that is why we work so hard to scour the nation and bring you the best federal doctors on one website!

FedDoctor.com is dedicated to finding the best in federal workers compensation physicians and making it easy to connect with them. The OWCP can be one of the most difficult federal agencies to work with and when you suffer from an at-work injury, the last thing you should have to search for is a medical provider that is willing to treat you. Unfortunately, the fact is that most doctors don’t understand the federal comp system. We bring you doctors that work hard to understand the differences between state and federal comp law to make sure you can get treatment and support as you pursue your case.

Share FedDoctor with others and let them know that someone is out there looking out for them.

Orlando joins the party!

Orlando, Florida is the newest city to add a FedDoctor! Dr. Samy Bishai and AmeriMed Diagnostic Services, Inc. has been serving federal employees with OWCP claims since 2009.

Offering an incredibly wide variety of services and disciplines, AmeriMed does Schedule Award Rating Evaluations, Causation Reports and ongoing status update reports for OWCP claims. They are also a one stop shop for treatment of all kinds of injuries.

With multiple physicians to go along with their on site chiropractors, therapists, psychologist, and acupuncturists, AmeriMed also has in-house diagnostics like MRI, EMG/NCV and X-Ray.

Dr. Bishai is an orthopedic surgeon and has spent many years treating federal patients with their ongoing OWCP cases. He understands how important it is to have a good doctor on your side, helping you with the documentation and support for your FECA claim. Visit our site today and get connected with your Central Florida FedDoctor!